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Playing Go has never been so romantic.

Other than Go boards, stones and fans, what else can we make?

Thanks to many supporters participating in crowdfunding, the Go-board-like light decorator has become a reality in 2018.

The Go-board-like light decorator creates a great place to meditate and relax at home.

Sanzhi district after-school space


Located in Fucheng community and Xinghua elementary school, our design houses also serve as child-care centers.


Teaching Go is one of our curriculums. During the

lectures, we started to think about the possibility of cross-boundary designs.

The origin of our designs


The Go board is crafted from real wood. We aim to raise awareness of the beauty of Go by blending a sense of Go-related designs into everyday items.

During the manufacturing process, we kept refining every detail including the width of grid and  the material of board. We worked closely with professional artisans to pursue perfectness. 

Go-board-like light decorator


The simplest movement of placing a stone on the board will turn on the light.

When the night arrives, the 7x7 Go board emits an orange glow, creating a great place to meditate and relax at home.


We hope to incorporate the subtle beauty of Go into each design. 



The 7x7 Go board does not occupy much space, yet big enough for most Tsumego problems.

Designs that speak for the beauty of Go.


Go + Lift consists of 3 designers from different backgrounds.

We aim to raise the awareness of the beauty of Go by innovative designs.

A romantic corner


The Go-board like light decorator is our first product.

You are invited to join the journey of creating more joyful moments of Go in everyday life.

Good for collection and gifting


Basic version: good for decoration. Each set comes with one black and one white stone.

Full version: good for decoration and playing Go. Each set comes with 27 black and 27 white stones.


(Each version has 2 choices of packaging: white or black)

Go Plus Light (Full version)

Go Plus Light (Basic version)